Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day Nine Hundred and Thirty-Two

You know how I was going to paint the kitchen?  Well, I sort of did.

I say "sort of" because I actually mean "hired painters did it."  Also, I had imagined a warm, cheerful yellow and some crisp white trim, or maybe a red wall, or maybe blue, or possibly green!  Instead, since the house needs to go on the market this spring, I followed my real estate agent's advice and had it professionally painted a nice, neutral (boring) color called "Parisian Taupe."  You would be AMAZED at how many fancy-sounding colors there are for beige.

Well, anyway, it's painted.  And since I'm probably not going to learn French or travel to a new state between now and my 1001st day, I'm gonna take what I can get!

(Hmmm.  If I got the cheapest flight I can find in the next ten weeks, I can fly to Ketchikan, Alaska and be back the next day for $581.  If I drive 12 hours a day, I could do it in four days and a little over two hundred bucks' worth of gas.  I don't really want to sleep in my car and eat nothing but granola bars, so that would increase my cost just a smidge.  I don't think I want to go to a new state THAT bad.)

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  1. Enjoy the state you're in. For the most part it's the best of the bunch.